Bristol hydraulics firm gearing up to help accelerate innovation in electric vehicle design

October 13, 2023

Domin, the Bristol scale-up developing cutting-edge hydraulic systems, has been awarded £4.4m to take part in a research project that could revolutionise electric vehicle performance.

The firm, which isdeveloping and manufacturing ground-breaking innovations for fluid power in its recently opened technology centre at Pucklechurch, will work with Mercedes-Benz subsidiary YASA and Cranfield University on the initiative.

Called Project Additive, it aims to develop integrated wheel motor and active suspension technology that will deliver new levels of electric vehicle performance.

Domin will adapt its world-class active suspension systems to integrate with YASA’s axial technology to give drivers ground-breaking performance and enable vehicles to go further in more comfort. 

This will reduce one of the challenges for electric vehicle owners as it will also achieve 10% more range.

Domin is developing state-of-the-art technology to transform hydraulic systems from relying on 20th century designs that are only 20% efficient to ones that operate at 95% efficiency.

This, in turn, could revolutionise globally important industries such as automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.

Over the next year it aims to double its workforce to around 100 as continues to combine world-class advanced technology and precision engineering and design with exceptional customer service to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

The funding for Project Additive has come from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and is part of a wider £86.9m investment into zero tailpipe emission vehicle technology, with the goal of positioning the UK as a global leader in sustainable transport innovation.

Domin CEO Marcus Pont said the money would enable it to accelerate the development and production of its innovative active suspension systems, which would not only improve energy efficiency but transform the driving experience.

“With the APC’s support, we expect to see vehicles equipped with our technology hit the roads within five years,” he added.

“This important investment serves as a testament to Domin’s leadership in the pursuit of energy-efficient systems that not only optimise efficiency but also minimise environmental impact.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, this funding enables us to spearhead the development of transformative technologies that will shape the future of sustainable transportation.”

APC CEO Ian Constance added: “The APC’s ongoing investments help cutting-edge companies like Domin develop the technologies that will enable mass adoption of net-zero vehicles.

“This latest funding round further propels the UK toward its net-zero ambition across a diverse range of vehicle segments.”

In July Domin was chosen to take part in the government’s £35m Project LandONE to revolutionise aircraft actuation systems, develop more electric aircraft and promote more sustainable air travel.


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