The LAST WORD: Hayden Brown, co-founder and video producer, Dirty Jack

April 12, 2024

Each week Bristol Business News gives a member of the city’s business community the last word on its weekly e-bulletin. This week Dirty Jack co-founder and video producer Hayden Brown answers our 10 questions. (Warning: Some of Hayden’s answers contain strong language and themes of an adult nature!)

What was the LAST: 

Film you watched? Probably Hunky plumber gets spanked by.. Oh wait, you mean in the cinema? I just saw Late Night With The Devil and it was bananas. Experimental, weird, formatted like an old 70s American talk show gone horribly wrong. I’d recommend it to any horror fans – or anyone needing a break from wanky, miserable, Oscar-hungry films.

Book you read? Currently neck deep in Guenther Steiner’s autobiography. I find him hilarious. He learned most of his English from angry, stressed-out race car mechanics, so half his vocabulary is just swearing and rage. Also happens to have great business acumen. What a guy.

Music you bought/downloaded? I go through waves of mellow music and hyped-up music. At the moment, I’m in a hype-up wave. My earholes are being blasted by Kendrick Lamar as I’m writing this. If I’m running or doing any form of self improvement, hip hop or heavy rock does the trick. There is literally no way to not be motivated when you’ve got someone like Jack White in your ears.

Concert or play you went to? I just saw a crudely thrown together show with the cast of the Glasgow Wonka Experience at the Clapham Grand. It was so unhinged and awful that it became enjoyable. I think it was intentional. Either way, I enjoy a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Oh, and the last concert I went to was a chap called Mad Dog Mcrea. Nut job, he is. 10/10.

Sporting event you attended? Probably the ice hockey up at Cribbs. If you’ve not been to an ice hockey match, GO. The whole event is great. From the fans to the play itself it’s just a great evening out, whether you’re a sports fan or not. Football doesn’t even piss near hockey. Sporting needs more sticks and fights!

Restaurant you ate in? Yakinori, Park St. Nothing much to say beyond absolutely bangin’ Asian food. Tuck in. Treat yourself.

Holiday you went on? Me and my partner took a wee flight to visit my family in the wonderful Canaries. Saw some whales, rode a jet ski, ate shitloads of food, had a Maxibon per day, drove a horrifically underpowered car up a mountain. Absolute blast. If you want to experience true fear, try driving a shit rental car in Garachico. I dare you.

Thing that annoyed you? Just opening LinkedIn. Seriously, that shite gives me heartburn.

Thing that made you laugh out loud? I was on a bus to Kingswood the other day and saw the spitting image of Phil Collins watching full-volume twerking videos on TikTok. No headphones, no shame – just a dude looking at some jiggly butts. God I love Bristol.

Piece of good advice you were given? To shamelessly quote Casey Neistat: “Do what you can’t”. I feel like this has echoed through everything we’ve done over the past few years. “You can’t make a living from telling stupid jokes on the internet”, “People will never pay for that”, “You can’t make advertising fun”. These are all terribly inaccurate. Our best performing ad is a seven-minute video for Air Landline, which goes against everything people tell us about ads. “They should be short and snappy”, “mention the product in the first five seconds”. Nah, to hell with all that. Do what you can’t!

Hayden Brown is a co-founder and video producer at Bristol and London a creative agency Dirty Jack, which helps brands across the globe capture ludicrous amounts of attention with outrageous video ads.




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