Coronavirus update: Bosses paid through dividends missing out on Govt support

April 23, 2020

The government’s decision not to help business owners who take dividends rather than draw a salary has been questioned by one business owner who took part in the Business West survey on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucy Bristow, managing director of Bristol recruitment consultants Lucy Bristow Appointments, said the approach was not fair. 

“Like the self-employed, we should have that similar 80% of our earnings taken into consideration,” said Lucy, pictured.

“We don’t want any different treatment – we just want to be equal.

“A lot of people in my position are employing people. They have got to furlough their staff, which is fine, and they are very grateful to the government for their help on that basis. But when it comes to themselves, they are getting nothing at all.

“So, they are trying to keep their businesses afloat with no government support. It is all very well furloughing their staff but there won’t be a business to come back to at the point when this crisis is over if the government don’t support the businesses.

“There seems to be this perception in the general public that this is some kind of tax avoidance, which is not the case with the majority of people. It just seems very unfair.

“I have run my business through two major recessions and had 15 staff at the time. We have managed to survive all of that, but nobody could have predicted this.

“I feel this will have a massive impact on the economy. I feel the government have been very generous, but it is very unfortunate that some people like me just slip through the net.

“I hope that a lot of businesses will be able to see themselves through – the longer it goes on more businesses will fail.”

Lucy established her business in 1988. It works with businesses across a range of sectors including marketing, design and creative and works with individuals seeking admin, secretarial/PA, legal, HR and finance roles on a permanent or contract basis across the South West.



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