eCommerce project backed by football legend Niall Quinn aims to tackle climate change

May 3, 2019

Bristol management consultancy Procorre has teamed up with former international footballer Niall Quinn to manage a new global eCommerce project.

The former Irish international and ex-chairman of Sunderland will collaborate with Procorre to create The Impact Store, an eCommerce shopping platform aiming to play a key role in tackling climate change.

The Impact store focuses on opening new opportunities for retailers by giving them a fast route to a better online presence and access to new customers through contributing towards sustainability.

Via a partnership with energy storage developer Corre Energy, combining eCommerce and sustainable energy innovations, The Impact Store will attract and retain its shoppers by allowing them to save money and contribute to environmentally transforming projects while shopping their favourite brands.

As well as providing all the skills and resource required, Procorre UK is managing the tender process and is now on the lookout for retailers who want to be among the first to be involved and to sell their goods via the Impact Store.

Procorre CEO Anne O’Donnell said: “We are delighted to be standing at the forefront of what we believe is a major game changer for the world of online shopping. Procorre employs over 1,000 consultants globally, and we will be bringing together some of our finest teams to launch this project.

“Consumers in the modern world want to support companies that make a stand for positive change and have a real purpose in the marketplace. As a key part of this tender process, we’re looking to attract a broad range of retailers who understand the sustainability, vision and purpose of what The Impact Store is achieving; a positive Impact on our planet and local communities.”

Niall Quinn added: “We have teamed up with Corre Energy to make the world a cleaner place for future generations by offsetting the negative environmental impact of our consumer culture. With The Impact Store, you can browse the latest stock from your favourite brands and make a positive environmental change while you do it.’

“Creating this proposition is a huge undertaking, which is why The Impact Store has appointed Procorre to launch and grow it worldwide. We’re calling all retailers to engage in the tender process to become a part of The Impact Store.”

Pictured, from left: Corre Energy CEO Keith McGrane, Procorre CEO Anne O’Donnell and Niall Quinn

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